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8 Reasons Why Your Business Proposal Was Rejected

A business proposal is a powerful tool that can determine the success of your business. Even with relevant knowledge and talent, a carelessly written business proposal can cost you important contracts.
Are your proposals being rejected? Let’s look at some common mistakes you should avoid while writing business proposals.

Focusing on yourself

A business proposal shouldn’t just be a write-up praising your achievements, and the client could lose interest if your business proposal is solely focused on your capabilities.
Therefore, your business proposal should adequately address the potential client’s requirements, and failure to convey how you can meet these needs will cost you a prospect.
So, before you draft a business proposal, make sure to do some research about your client’s needs and how your capabilities can serve them. Remember, a prospect cares more about how your capabilities can benefit them rather than a list of credentials.

Grammatical errors

Grammatical and spelling errors are small mistakes that can have significant consequences in determining your success of winning a tender. A carelessly written proposal will leave a negative first impression on your prospective clients. After all, if you can’t write an error-free proposal, how can they expect you to handle their projects?
Therefore, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive proofreading of your proposal several times to ensure there are no grammatical errors or false claims. Additionally, you can ask other members of your team to proofread it before sending it out. If you are still unsure, you can always seek a professional proposal writer to assist you.

Irrelevant details

Using complicated jargon will not make your proposal better, and may even overcomplicate it.
Your proposal should keep your prospects engaged and immediately communicate who you are and how your business can help them.
Therefore, you should avoid overloading your business proposal with irrelevant details, and keep it focused and to the point.

Difficult to follow

Even exceptionally good ideas can fail to gain interest from clients when your proposal is difficult to follow.
Whether you are writing tenders or investment proposals in NSW, your writing should be well thought out. A business proposal is like a story: the information should flow in a logical manner that prospects can comprehend easily.

Underselling your capabilities

When prioritising the needs of the prospects, it is important to avoid underplaying your capabilities. In fact, your competitors will have an added advantage if you fail to emphasise how your business stands out.
Remember to highlight what makes your proposal different from your competitors, and experss original thinking and ideas, rather than just paraphrasing the needs of the client.

Unclear financial benefits

A client will quickly disregard your business proposal if it does not clearly explain the financial benefits. Whether you can help the client earn or save money, you have to be clear about the advantages you could bring.
An effective business proposal must explain with clarity how you can financially benefit the prospects.

Poor formatting and presentation

Persuasive and concise proposal content is not enough to convince a prospective client. Contrary to the popular phrase, clients will judge your proposal by its cover.
Poor quality paper, lack of proper formatting, smudged ink and other presentation blunders can deter potential clients.
This is why you should take your time to appropriately format your business proposal. Use good quality stationary and high definition visuals to present your proposal in a professional manner.

Ineffective or no call to action

A business proposal with effective content but no call to action will fail to convert prospective clients. An effective call to action directs the clients to the next step, whether it is a meeting or a contract.

In conclusion, a well-written business proposal plays a crucial role in winning contracts. At Madrigal Communications, our expert team of professional business proposal writers can help you maximise your chances of success through creating persuasive and effective business proposals.

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