10 Unique Web Development Learning Project Ideas

The best way to learn Web development is to choose an opportunity to propel you to the next level. Tony Mastrorio has a fantastic article on getting from “tutorial purgatory.” The entire article is accurate.

If you’re taking tutorial after tutorial to learn but not to work on a more significant task you’re working on, you’re absorbing much less than you believe.

Is there anything wrong with Tutorials?

The tutorials are beautiful and neat. They are also very well-written. If you locate a helpful tutorial and follow it, everything works just as it should. They’re as comfortable as a warm blanket. You’re sure to complete the tasks if you adhere to the instructions. But that’s different from how it works in web development. Is messy. You have to compromise, cut features and cheat your way to the end of the road. Clients will never provide you with step-by-step directions for completing their job. If they could do that, they would be fine without your help. Tutorials make you feel like you’re progressing. But you need to learn most of the skills you’ll use in the real world. Projects are more complex than this. They’re not defined strictly. You have yet to do precisely what you’re doing. There needs to be a script to follow. Once you’ve grasped the basic concepts through books and tutorials, it’s time to tackle the task by working on a project.

What Kinds of Projects Are Best?

The most effective project ideas can solve your issues (I never wake up at night to be woken. I need something better.) or meet your own needs (I would like to socialize with other gamers who are collecting video guidebooks on game strategy.). Sometimes you’re looking to develop something that makes you think, but you’re still trying to figure out what to do. This list can help you to get your creative juices flowing.

10 Great Project Ideas

Imagine these as writing prompts. Use these ideas to transform these into unique catastrophes. When you desire, you’re free to build them in the manner described here. But if you choose to do so, you need to get the idea. The project you make is yours to develop.

What the Stock

Flip card for description photo site that only has unusual or original photographs. Clowns screaming, malls abandoned giant Wicker chairs… this kind of thing.

Promo Club

Social media platforms where people post items they’ve written, such as the articles they’ve written, the products they’ve created, and YouTube videos. You can browse the list and share the ones you enjoy via social media. Promotions of others’ content give your posts a better place on the website.

Fog of Explore

A game-based GPS exploration application. You can see a map of the real world. However, the majority of areas of it are covered with fog. (Gamers will be familiar with it as the “fog of war” common in real-time strategy games before you’ve explored a region.) When you are exploring the natural environment, the terrain will be displayed. Users can define a specific area and see how much they’ve visited.

Pinboard Reader

Does anyone use Pinboard? It’s an excellent social bookmarking application that picked all the fragments after del.icio.us was dissolved. They also have a fun “to read” feature where you can save an article and mark it as one you’d like to read later. Pinboard Reader is an Instapaper/Pocket-style app that hooks into their API.

Tangled Web

A platform for blogging that automatically links posts from users. It matches phrases and words frequently used in posts but prefers more extensive matches. For instance, if this project description were a blog post on the platform, it could be linked to a seat on the “blogging platform” and might automatically be attached to a user’s blog post on one of the leading blogging platforms in 2018. Links change over time.

The Fam

I don’t know about the names, but these aren’t exactly home runs. Have you ever tried Miitomo? Nintendo’s online social networking platform? I was impressed by how it employed prompts to stimulate conversations with friends. The Fam is a great way to engage families, allowing them to communicate with each other and get closer by using intelligent, fun prompts.


The social network lets users post once every year. Better to make it better!

Note Log

A notes application with several entries for each note. Users can choose the message they want to add when launching this app. This sends the message to a new entry note, automatically tagging it with the current date or time and the location. The entries can be sorted or filtered based on the metadata. It is excellent for solving messy issues and tracking what you did.

Exit Strategy

A plugin or widget that shows a pop-up warning modal when someone is about to exit. (You’ve likely seen these before. You’re about to close the page and see a pop-up that offers you a “final offer” to stop you from going away.) The difference is that the modal’s content can be customized according to how long the user stays on the webpage.

Out on a Limb

An everyday “exercise” app for entrepreneurs. Instead of a physical workout, it encourages users to break out of their comfort zones by engaging in one daily activity. This can help build the risk-taking muscles entrepreneurs require and lessens fears of rejection.

My only request is that If you develop any of them, you send them to me. I’d love to be one of your first users.

These were meant intended for practice in web development. Some of them have “app” right in the description.

“App” could mean a mobile or web-based app. If you’re building a mobile application, use the same technologies you’d create an online app. Check out React Native.

They seem difficult. I’m not knowledgeable enough to construct these.

Certain are more complex than others. The Stock could be the simplest in the listing.

The purpose of picking a personal project is to select something that exceeds the current capabilities of your skills. This is the reason you are developing. In place of what someone else advised you to study or the framework frequently mentioned on Hacker News, you’re doing the things that bring you closer to your personal goals for your project.

If you discover your idea, start building the piece you can construct based on the information you have already learned. When you reach the point of a wall- an item you can’t make -Learn about it next.

Where to Start If I Know…


At this point, studying a few books or learning from tutorials is acceptable. Learn the basics of HTML as well as CSS. Return here after you’re done and begin working on your project.

Codcademy’s Learn HTML and Learn CSS courses are good if you’re looking for interactive tutorials. (The free courses are excellent. There’s no need to pay for the expensive things.) If books are your thing, Head First HTML and CSS is an excellent method to start.


You can design your user interface for these projects with a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Here are some projects that are most likely to complete by using this knowledge:

  • What the StockIt is possible to make this a static website using HTML and CSS; however, making the payments for images can be challenging.
  • Out on a LimbCreate this as a straightforward HTML website with a list of exercises.

Front-End Javascript

If you’ve mastered front-end Javascript and Javascript front-end, you’re now able to add some interactive elements.

It is also possible to save data. However, it will remain in the browser used by the user. So, each person using the web browser would see the same information. If you built a Note Log this way and I tried to open the program on your personal PC, I’d be able to see your notes, not mine. Messages would then be stored in my web browser on my personal computer.

You can complete every one of these tasks. You could use a back-end service similar to the Firebase if you require an additional back-end.

These projects are an ideal home run if you’re familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript:

  • Pinterest Reader– As this reader will be based on the API of Pinboard that’s why it’s not a big deal if you need help creating a back-end.
  • Note Log With a bit of Javascript program; you can build Note Logs that are saved in the browser and only make use of your back-end as an option to keep notes on the server side
  • On a Limb Now, you can randomly show the exercise or demonstrate a particular one daily.

React/React Native

The knowledge of React can open you to app development for mobile devices through React Native. This is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on the Fog of Exploration.


The back end allows you to store data in databases. This is how social networks, as well as other web applications, let you set up settings and content linked to your account as a user on the website. If you sign into Facebook on any device, you’ll have the same group of friends. If another person logs on to Facebook through your PC, they’ll get their friends, not yours. The database allows this to happen.

The fact that all of the data on Facebook is in one place allows you to display content made by other users. This is how Facebook says the posts are created through your social media friends. Without a central location to store your postings, Facebook couldn’t do this.

Back-ends also allow you to run calculations using the server rather than within the user’s browser. Once you are familiar with back-end development, you can tackle these projects and be able to do it right.

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