5 Web Development Blogs You Should Be Reading

While you study the fundamentals of web design and try for ways to improve your understanding, it is essential to surf the web to find out what others are saying and doing. While staying informed about the latest developments via books and magazines is beneficial, Web development blogs can offer a wealth of new, unpublished information. Blogs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and even though fashion and sports blogs were the first to lead the way at first, It’s now likely that any topic on the internet has a dedicated blog.

Website development websites can be beneficial when you want to increase your knowledge about a specific area of web development. But, while searching for information, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the volume of information available on the web. How can you tell the difference between quality and poor content? This is why we decided to collect a few of our top blogs. We encourage you to look at the following:

Developer Drive

As we’ve mentioned, it’s an excellent option for those just starting their web development career. Written by web developers, for the web developer, Developer Drive offers the latest information in the field of web design. This includes opinion-based articles and tutorials, tips, and techniques to get started with a good start. Are you seeking to know how to reduce your downtime? What can you do to ensure your website is safe and straightforward for users to navigate? Would you like to be aware of every Microsoft software update? Starting from JavaScript and mobile app development Developer Drive is covered.

Simple Programmer

Although Simple Programmer was initially created by its founder John Sonmez to distill what he had learned as a web developer into a digestible format, it is now focused on helping programmers, software developers, and other IT professionals improve their careers and lives. This blog delved deep into the details of working as a web-based developer. If you’ve ever wondered about something related to web development, they’ve likely published a post about it. Simple Programmer puts a playful approach to videos that keeps your attention with humor while offering valuable information. They constantly post new content daily, so you’ll always be energized.


As the title of the blog states – if you’re a novice in the field of programming and want knowledge on all things web-related, you’re in the right spot. This blog is an online community for those new to the coding world. CodeNewbie provides a glimpse into the lives of web developers. It provides a platform for users to learn about the latest career trends and learn of people who have been on a journey to coding through the podcasts on the site.


You’ve been an internet developer for a long time, or you’re a speedy learner. In either case, hats off to you! A few beginner-oriented blogs mentioned above might need to be more young for you. That’s the reason why Scotch.io comes in useful. This blog has tutorials covering all things starting from JavaScript up to PHP. They also provide exciting classes that require no commitment and could help you bring your coding knowledge to a higher level.


Codrops is an online website designed and developed that provides its readers with informative tutorials and content about the most recent developments in the industry. Codrops has a unique style of content, as it is highly how-to-oriented, with videos that take you through the processes that apply to any web developer. Codrops also produces experimental videos that explore new concepts and ideas for solving issues and problems related to web development. If you take a look, you could leave with tips on how to learn a new skill!

The ability to learn new skills can be acquired in various ways. If you’re eager to take on learning via the internet, then reading blogs about web development and interacting with their articles could be the best alternative for you.

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