10 Great Websites To Help You Learn Web Development Online

If you’re trying to master the art of web development, plenty of sources are available to help you learn everything you should be aware of. A lot (if not all) of internet designers in this day and age have forged successful careers after learning web development online. It’s easy to start from the ground up. However, even the most ardent self-starters need help deciding where to start. Below are our top choices of the best ten sites that can assist you in learning how to develop websites online.

Why Learn Web Development Online

As a web developer, your credibility is more dependent on the quality of your resume rather than your qualifications. The chances to be hired will usually be based on your capabilities and work samples rather than an academic degree from a university. The point isn’t that a university education isn’t helpful as a web designer. Instead, it’s to point out that even if a college education isn’t on your list, you can get all the information you require to be aware of web development on the internet. The web development industry is growing exponentially, so plenty of sources exist. One of the most crucial things you can do is begin.

This list will be helpful.

10 Great Websites To Help You Learn Web Development Online

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is among the most popular online training tools to help you develop your website. Starting at just $25 a month, you will get access to professional-led videos and interactive training sessions.

They even have a tech degree program to help you begin an exciting new career in 3-to-12 months. Alongside learning practical techniques, the program assists in creating a job-ready portfolio. The method of teaching they employ involves the use of videos along with interactive quizzes and code questions.

Lynda.com + LinkedIn Learning

Lynda.com has been on the market for some time. Its classes offered by Linda.com are paired with LinkedIn information to provide the most personalized learning experience. Instead of taking students on a specific path, it gives various courses in various fields, with over a thousand types related to web development. Each class is divided into videos, walkthroughs, examples, and sample codes when required. This allows you to begin learning about everything at your speed. Unlimited access is available for just $29 per month.


Udemy is an online learning company with over 80,000 online courses across many different areas, such as the development of websites. Every system within a specific category provides unlimited accessibility to videos taught by a particular instructor. Additionally, you can connect with Udemy’s students to get assistance and friendship. Each course is paid for individually, but you can view some classes for free to determine whether they suit you. The courses range from beginning to advanced. Overall it is a high-quality education in web design and development.


Codecademy is an online course-learning platform that offers a unique method of learning the basics of programming. To begin learning the basics, you should choose one of the paths (like web-based development). Each course includes lessons that start with the basics and end with a more advanced application. Each class has instructions that will help write code developed through each study. It’s a beautiful “learn by doing” approach that can be done at your pace.

They also provide Codeacademy Professional In-depths that will increase your knowledge. They offer programs that deliver results that are job-ready. For instance, you can develop real-world projects and receive professional feedback from developers.

MDN Web Docs (free)

MDN MDN Docs is an essential online resource developed by developers. People from Mozilla, Apple, Google, and Microsoft constantly update it. You can search easily for the information you seek and get practical explanations from reputable professionals. They also provide complete courses to help you understand web development.

They also have a blog called Hacks. Hacks’ blog is also a fantastic source of information for those working on developing websites.

The Odin Project (Free)

The Odin Project is an ideal place to kickstart an exciting career as a web developer using an entire curriculum supported by an open-source community. The course comprises an online collection of tutorials, blog posts, paths, and tutorials. For instance, there’s a Web Development 101 class consisting of classes that begin with the basics and finish with creating a working web-based application. You will also have the chance to develop portfolio-worthy projects with the developers in a community.


Coursera is among the most prominent online provider for MOOCs (massive open online courses). Coursera partners with leading schools (like Stanford, Princeton, and Yale) to offer you access to various online classes. You can get degrees in multiple disciplines, such as Computer Science. The model is centered on a fixed-course system of sessions that require registration. You can typically begin the course with a seven-day trial, but you’ll need a monthly cost to keep the class going.


Codewars is among the most popular challenge websites that let you develop your web developer abilities by solving problems using your preferred programming language. You can also evaluate your work with other contestants to better understand.


WPsessions is an online developer training facility focused on WordPress. The method is to train you in the necessary skills to create professional WordPress websites by delivering small-scale sessions and complete training courses. You will have access to all of the training material starting as low as $15 per month.

Code school (now Pluralsight)

Pluralsight is a distinctive online platform to help you improve your web development. What’s remarkable about Pluralsight is that it lets you complete a Pluralsight IQ test to discover the gaps in your knowledge so that you can focus on acquiring the specific capabilities you require. You can also choose different pathways in your learning journey; they offer standalone courses. Testing it using a no-cost trial is possible, and personal memberships start at only $35 per month.

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