Top 5 Seo Tools To Generate Huge Traffic On Your Website

SEO is an interesting concept that emerged and took the online industry by a storm! We think, you know very well which storm we are talking about! If not, then here it is. The storm was to optimize the pages and become number one in the ranks. Initially, it was by hook or by crook! But now, the search engine algorithms have become pretty smart! You have to be careful, or else you could be penalized heavily.

Experts know all about these technicalities! So, employ a SEO consultant in Sydney like Leading SEO Company. They will help in optimization without the risks of penalties! Now, we need to talk about increasing the traffic to your website. It is after all, one of the main aims of SEO.

What are the tools to be used for Enhancing Traffic to your Website?

Just like you have to invite guests to your home, it is the same with websites! You have to invite in the traffic. Doing this job is not a simple task! You will have to employ various tools for this job. To help you understand the importance of the tools, here are the top 5:

  1. SECockpit: Web traffic can be generated easily when you have the right set of keywords. So, keyword research is important. Using the right keyword at the right time is essential for SEO rankings. This tool will help you find the right keywords in various languages. So, basically during the SEO planning stages, you save a huge amount of time because of Cockpit, but still find the appropriate keywords!
  1. Ontolo: Backlinking is an important aspect for improving traffic to your website! Ontology is a tool that can work to provide opportunities to add links. Along with backlinking, Ontolo also offers the opportunity of guest blogs posts! You will get access to reports and graphs, which can bring in better backlinks. Just be careful of Black Hat SEO techniques!
  1. SimilarWeb: Each and every business has some competitors, so will your website. What you need to do is analyze their strength and weaknesses. If you have even a slight idea about their strategies, you can make yours stronger. Tools are available to analyze your competitors. Similar Web is one of the most efficient tools in this category! It collects important information on various aspects like SEO keywords. How, you ask? Well, it is simple! The tool uses sources like web crawling to achieve it.
  1. Raven: No website is perfect! You will have to accept this. If you just analyze the weakness of the competitors, it will not work. You will have to re-analyze your own as well. This auditing will work towards improving the ranking. During maintenance of your website, use tools to audit and improve your website’s shortcomings. Raven is one of the most efficient tools to carry out this audit.
  1. Klipfolio: Once you have set-up the website, you will need to keep an eye on the traffic to your website! Klipfolio is the perfect tool for that. It will provide you information about traffic from both paid and organic search. Ultimately, you will get to keep a track on your expenditure, along with inflow of traffic! These are just some of the tools that help improve website traffic! So, just relax! Use these tools appropriately and see for yourself how fast the traffic increases to your website!

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