How To Use Google Drive

Google drive has proved to be one of the best if we will compare it with cloud storage services and file synchronization. It is very easy to use and highly user-friendly. You just need an internet connection and you will be able to see your file on any device if it is available in the drive. It stands out from the crowd as it has collaboration tools and google services. It is not at all tricky to use. For the simple use just read this article on how to use Google drive? And you will be able to access it on your fingertips.


First let’s give a small introduction about the google drive to make it easier for you. This is a google program where we can store and sync our files. They released it in the month of April, 2012. It is termed as the extension of the google docs. It replaces the URL from to once activated. Before its launch only, the stories about this drive started flowing in the month of march,2006.
If you are a google drive user, you will get the cloud storage for free of cost. In the beginning, you will get the storage of around 5 GB. Even the extra amount of storage you need to pay for a monthly subscription plan. You will get up to 25 GB to 16 TB which is shared between the Picasa and google drive.


  • First sign in to google drive by selecting the sign in button. It will automatically direct you to the sign page.
  • You need a google account for this and if you do not have any, you can create one.
  • After creating the google account, you will be redirected to the google drive’s welcome page. You will get the google drive homepage option once you will select the option “try google drive”.
  • After creating an account on the same, you will automatically get the 5 GB space free.
  • Click on the top left corner of the page for selecting the files or file you want to upload.
  • As soon as you will click on that, a new box will pop up as upload settings.
  • If you want the google to automatically convert your presentation, document or spreadsheet into the google format, you can click on that option.
  • Select the start button after that.
  • The uploaded file will be present in your google drive.
  • Google drive can be also used as presentation creator. To do that just click on the create button and it will automatically create a presentation, document, form or even a spreadsheet.
  • It can be used without any browser from your desktop. You need to download the google drive for PC if you want this service. By clicking on the google drive installer, it will automatically start downloading the program.
  • With the use of a shortcut, which will be created by the program automatically, you can upload your documents easily. You just have to drag and drop the document into your google drive.
  • Google drive also have an option of sharing the file with the help of which you can share the desired file with anyone. Just select the file and click on the share button. Fill the details of the person to whom you want to send the file and click on the send button. With the help of these steps, you will be able to use the google drive easily.


Google drive has so many benefits and I have tried to list out some of them. These are:

1. With the help of google drive you can send large or big files to your clients, colleagues and friends directly from your Gmail account.

2. It allows you to access the files tenuously. With the help of drive, all the files will become available on the web for you. It also synchronizes it with your computer. For example: If you have a very important presentation and you forget your USB key or hard disk. You do not have to worry about it, as far as you have uploaded your presentation in your google drive.

3. You can download the mobile application of the google drive so that you can access your files from anywhere.

4. It has a very good built-in search engine which makes it easier for you to search your content with just a keyword search. You can also search your files by file type or owner.

5. It is consist of OCR function. It is termed as optical character recognition. With the help of this you can even search the expressions or words in the scanned documents. Suppose you want to find a name in an old newspaper scanned article. Just save it to the google drive and with the OCR technology you can find it easily.

6. With the help of google drive you can even open the files of photoshop and adobe illustrator on your system.

7. Google docs and google drive are the complementary programs.

8. You can also share videos and photos with your contacts. You will receive a notification when someone will comment on your video or photo.

9. It uses the image recognition technology. It basically recognizes the content of your pictures by which you will be able to find your pictures more easily. Just type some words in the google drive search engine and see your picture in front of you.

10. With all these benefits, it is still free of cost.

As it has so many benefits there are few disadvantages too. Like:

1. Google has the authority to hold your data which is stored in google drive. So, if the keyword of your photograph matches with the photograph of other person, it could even float in the search result.

2. It is an internet based service which means you need to depend on the internet to access your data. Due to some reasons if your internet is not working you will not be able to access your data. Now you know how to use google drive? And also the merits and demerits of it. So, create a google account now and enjoy the free space.

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