How To Remove Password From Pdf File In A Safe Way

Everybody use PDF file format because you can open it by using a number of different programs. A PDF file is consist of so many features and one of them is that it is secure. It imposes the copyright laws to prevent the distribution or reproduction by some other users. By this password protection feature, you can restrict other users to access the printing, document editing, and even the copying of the text. So, what if you do not have the password access? I have listed out some ways by which you will get to know how to remove password from PDF files?

You do not have to download any kind of special program if you want to open up a PDF. This is an ideal file for the individuals by which they can send the information. What if you forget the password? At that time, only you will not be able to access your password. You will not be able to copy, print or edit your file as you do not have the password. It can be a very devastating situation for you if you do not have the password of the file which you badly want to unlock. You can use a software termed as PDF password remover, it is designed to remove the passwords of the PDF. You just need three simple steps to remove the PDF password.

Kindly follow these steps to unlock the password by using PDF password remover:

Step 1:

You need to download the program at the first place. After that install and execute it. You can also download the Mac and the windows versions available on some websites. You need to follow the installation wizard in order to install the program in your computer. Generally it takes less time to download and install. After installing the program, you just have to execute it and wait for the launch of it.

Step 2:

The best thing about this program is that it has the capability of removing all the kinds of PDF protected files, so that you will be able to copy, print and even edit the document. For that, you need to click the button which says “Add Files”. You will find this button on the top of the user interface. After that, you need to browse your computer and find those files which you want to import into the program. Click OK after completing this process. The interface of the program is designed in such a way that you can drag and drop the files. It simply means that it has an option from where you can directly drag the files from your computer and import it into the program. It will be a convenient option if you have so many files to import into the program.

Step 3:

The final step is to set a designated folder. The destination folder is that folder where you want your file to get saved after removing the password successfully. After selecting your designated folder, you are ready to unlock the PDF file. The only thing you have to do now is to press the “Start” button. You can find this button easily but if not, it will be available on the bottom of the interface. After clicking that button, you are going to unlock those files which you have selected previously. It will automatically get saved in your designated folder, selected by you. Now you can open the file and will be able to copy, print and edit it, without any kind of password.

There are some other methods too. Like:

Method – 1:

CutePDF and Foxit Reader: You can simply download this software for removing the PDF passwords. Make sure you download the latest version. Both of the programs are free.  Foxit Reader will allow you to open the file and write it to a PDF printer. On the other hand, CutePDF writer is that software which sidestep all the restrictions and open the file for you. You need to select the file and open it in the printer menu. Give the command of printing the secured file of PDF  to CutePDF writer. Now save this printed file to your computer and name it as new PDF file. You can open your new file now. If you want to check the security settings of the file, just click on the file and then properties. Under the security tab, you will be able to find your security settings.

Method – 2:

Google Chrome: It is a very simple process and works well in most of the cases. You just have to press ctrl O on your computer and navigate to the PDF file. Your locked file will get open in the chrome. Give the right click and select the print button. After that click on save as PDF and select the desired location for your new file. To keep it convenient for you, keep it on the desktop. You can open your newly created file without any kind of password. It is a tricky yet simple step.

Method – 3:

PDF Website: You can directly go to the and select the Unlock PDF option. Choose the file from your system by clicking on the select button. You just need to click on the unlock button then and the website will automatically upload the file. After uploading it will start decrypting it. Once this procedure gets done, click on the download button. Your unblocked file is ready to read, edit and print. I have mentioned some of the benefits of the PDF file by which you will get to know why a PDF file is so important to put so much effort for unlocking it. The reasons are:

  • True portability and mobility
  • All the visual elements can be preserved in the PDF
  • It supports interactive functions
  • It also supports high level of data encryption
  • One of the best function is that it allows the file compression from the raw data file.

So, now you know how to remove password from PDF files? Also the benefits of the same. Do not panic if you forget your password or something, just read these methods and it will be surely helpful for you.

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