How To Access Blocked Websites

You may ask this question time and again. It is uncommon for youngsters to feel restricted when the websites they direly need to access is often blocked by the school management. It is a standard practice to block social networking sites to prevent the students from being distracted when they access these sites during the school hours. So, here is an interesting hack to access those blocked websites. Not that we promote the idea of encouraging students to deviate from their task and commitments, but these tips that count as knowledge to keep things on a creative sphere.

You  are here reading this article probably because you are fed up of being denied access to the social media websites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, etc. from your school or place of work. Before we begin spinning the details of the master class techniques to unblock websites, make sure you are reading this alone; look over your shoulder to see Mr. Weiner, your math teacher isn’t spooking your rebellious self or still worse, the awkward pangs of being caught red-handed. Here are some tips to get you around the content filters that monitor and block your activities outside the curriculum and your best answer to “how to unblock websites at school.”

Proxy Servers

The most reliable first choice used not just students, but many who consider denial isn’t an option. It is such a simple trick needing just a couple steps; you will be surprised how accessing the blocked site is as simple as the saying, “easy peasy japaneasy”. Here is how you do it in steps,

  • On the Google search look for a proxy server, and the result shows links to famous sites you can use to access the blocked sites.
  • Since your administrator is aware of this practice, it is uncommon for most of the famous proxy sites to be obviously blocked.
  • Once you have located the proxy server, enter the complete URL of the blocked website in the tab and click enter. Viola! Now you have access to your favorite social media page.
  • This method allows you to mask the identity of your device over the Internet. Hence, it is used to access the web documents and sites anonymously.

Many might be familiar with the concept of proxy server by now, but for those of you noobs wanting to know the magic behind this trick, here is some technical explanation. A Proxy server acts as a broker between the client computer, and the server that is hosting the data. They are located anywhere in the network operating between client and the server. Communication between the client and server isn’t direct, it happens through a proxy server which acts as an agent of communication. The proxy server facilitates communication without modifying the requests or response between clients and servers. The proxy server steals the bandwidth of the client when the client initiates a request and portrays itself as the client and makes the request to the server on the client’s behalf.  If a response is obtained, then the proxy server returns the response it received from the server back to the client creating an impression that the client had directly communicated with the server.

In many modern proxy servers, there are filters available that automatically allow only those requests that qualify the rules and protocols of the IP address of the client and server.  The rules are based upon on the protocol and web content type. Sometimes the Proxy server themselves modify the request or response and storing the requests locally on the machine running the client request. Use of proxy server has its share of benefits too. It reduces the use of bandwidth, ensures the user privacy by not exposing the identity of the user’s machine to the internet, and enhances the browsing experience, efficient load balancing, relaying traffic in LAN. On the internet, it is used to enable user privacy and masks the user’s browsing activity anonymous.

Some Famous Proxy Sites Are

Using IP Address Instead Of The Domain Names

Another great alternative to unblock websites is to use IP address to access them. Although this technique isn’t as simple as the proxy server, it is still functions in a reliable manner. Here is a step-by-step method to access them

  • From Windows desktop, press start and go to command prompt
  • Within the dialog box enter the following, ping and press enter.
  • It displays an IP address belonging to the Facebook.
  • Copy-paste the IP address in your browser address tab and then click enter. Your favorite blocked site is now accessible.

As the walls close in, the need to find more interesting ways to access the blocked websites are being discovered. One such method is the use of language translator if the proxy websites are blocked.

Using This Translator Is Much Easier; Here Is How To Do It

  • On the address bar type the Mexican version of the Google search.
  • Then type the domain name of the website you wish to unblock.
  • The result will be projected to you in Spanish.
  • On the right of translate, button click on the result link of your website.
  • Go to the address bar where you find something like this,

It is another simple trick to unblock websites.

Similarly, there are other ways to unblock sites using the Google translator or any online translator.

  • On the Google translator page, look for the web translator link on the bottom of the page click on it.
  • Select the language that you seek translation and choose the option translate from foreign language to English. All the English words in the website will remain unchanged, and the remaining will be translated.
  • Enter the complete URL of your website that is blocked and hit the translate button.
  • You will be directed to the page with translation tools on the top of the page, where the lists of all the blocked sites appear below within the frame.

Using Software, That Can Be Installed On The Systems

The third party software is another excellent option to unblock the websites. This software can be downloaded and installed on the user’s PC, which then can be used conveniently to unblock the websites. The chances of the software failing to unblock the website are slim because they are specially designed to perform that task. One of the famous and reliable software for this purpose is the Hot Spot Shield.

Here is the step by step guide to installing them onto your computer;

  • Download the software and install them on the PC that you wish to unblock the website access.
  • Once you application is started, you will notice a blue icon in the lower right corner of the screen. So click it.
  • Then, scroll up a popup menu and click the connect button.
  • Once you do this, on your default browser you will be instructed to click on a large connect button again.
  • After clicking this button, you will be connected to its servers and through which you can access all the websites.

These are many tips to unblock websites at school and workplace. However, it is recommended to not engage in unlawful activities by following these tips and we do motivate the readers to abide by the rules of your institutions or offices because the tips explained in this article is part of knowledge sharing. We take no credits for the intended or unintended consequences of reckless misuse of this knowledge.

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