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Major Problems Faced While Using Macbooks and Methods Solve Them

Macbooks are famous because of their ultimate functionality and reliability. But sometimes you might face issues with Macbooks. The good thing is, you need not seek professional help to solve these problems. Be it an older or the latest version of Macbooks, some of the tips that are mentioned in the guide will help you to overcome some of the common issues faced by your Macbooks.

Turning on Problems

If your Macbook does not turn on, some of the primary things that you check are as follows.
Make sure if the entire system is turned off or if it is just the screen that is turned off.
If the problem is not with the display, then you should go ahead and check for the power.
Connect the cord and try charging the laptop for a while. You can make use of a different cable to figure out if the problem is with the cord or with the laptop.
Try resetting the system by pressing and holding the power button and turning on the laptop again.

Freezing Screen

If your laptop appears to be functioning and just the display stops working, the first thing you need to do is to hard reset it by pressing on the power button. In most cases, your display will resume functioning correctly after the hard reset. If not, you should try updating the Macbook by attaching external devices. If there is a glitch with software, the update should probably fix the issue. Do not use screen adapters from other brands since Apple products do not work well with other devices.

Battery Charging Issue

If your laptop does not get charged the issue must be either with your cable or the adapter. You can try switching out either of those to find out where the problem lies. Check for any loose contact or damage in the cord. Electrical noise in lines can be a reason too. Try switching some appliances off and try charging your laptop. If the problem continues, ask suggestions from an expert who does Macbook repairs in Melbourne.


One of the main reasons for your Macbook overheating is running of unwanted apps in the background. To cross-check this, go the utility menu and go through the activity logs of the CPU. This will provide an idea about the hidden apps that are running in the background and draining your battery. You can stop such apps and uninstall them. The other issue that causes overheating is the improper functioning of the fans inside. These fans are supposed to cool down the interiors while your processor is working. You might need to seek professional help in that case.

Battery Draining

If you feel like your battery is getting drained very soon, check and update your laptop. Restart your system after the update. Software issues will probably get resolved by this action. You can also shut down unwanted background apps to avoid fast draining of power. You can check for unsolicited application and uninstall them. Your System Management Controller might have some issues that could cause the battery to drain quickly. In this case, uninstall the SMC and reinstall it. You can also try resetting your SMC.

Trackpad Issues

Many of us would have encountered trackpad problems while using laptops. The trackpad suddenly stops working, or the cursor/pointer keeps jumping across the screen. The first step to take in such a situation is to clean the surface of the trackpad. Sometimes dust, moisture or other sediments can cause the trackpad to function incorrectly. If the issue is not physical, it might have something with your PRAM. Try to reset the PRAM and restart your system. If the problem persists, run a diagnostic check to figure out the problem. Sometimes, you might want to uninstall the drivers associated with the trackpad and reinstall them to make it function properly again.

Freezing Apps

This issue is quite common and is faced by most people. If you have an unresponsive app, you can make a right-click and click the ‘Force quit’ option to shut down the program immediately. If the problem persists with a single application, then try updating or reinstalling it.

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