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5 Types of Innovative Signage’s That Your Business Cannot Afford to Ignore

Whether you are a small company or a large one, you still need attractive signage to attract customers. This is especially true when it comes to the retail business and you are looking to boost up those sales. Given the competition that you would get from others, you may need something extra to make your shop stand out. Quality signage can indeed propel more customers to land at your shop, but it depends more on the type of signage you use and how effective it is. This is why you need to check online for Melbourne, Signage companies, and locate some of the top signage companies in your current location. Check out the various types of signs that you can go in for,

Outdoor Signage

One of the best tactics for grabbing more attention to your retail store is to use outdoor signage in the form of sidewalk signs, entrance signs, awnings, window signs and much more. One of the reasons that these forms of signage happen to be one of the most successful is for the simple reason that it enables you to communicate directly with the customers. Some may walk past your signage but would be attracted by the signage posted outside, to check out your shop.  Just keep in mind that outdoor signage generally needs to do a lot more than making announcements – you need to use the same to lure customers in with an attractive offer or a rebate; that should do the trick. 

Informational Signage

Informational signage is primarily way finding signage since they enable customers and others to find their way through your large building. For example, if you happen to have a multi-storied retail outlet, then it is only natural for you to hang up some informational signage, which can enable prospective customers to find their way to the right department. Just remember that informational signage is not to be used for promotional purposes- rather you use these signs to help your customers and thereby enhance their experience in the process.

Persuasive Signage

Now, you can use this form of signage to promote a product or a line of products; you should be able to snag the customers’ attention – but it also depends on the offer and the terms that you have couched the same. Persuasive signage can influence customer behaviour which is why they are quite important. You can use the same to convey seasonal offers, out of season sales, discounts and much more. Since there is so much innovation going around the types of signage’s, you can choose to have LED signs in Melbourne that are sure to catch a lot of eyes and in turn bring more business. 

Disability Compliant Signage

This is just catching on but when it comes to informational signage and other important ones such as the welcome sign in the front, or the sign to the washroom, most stores may want to consider those with disabilities. That is why you may want to feature these important signs in Braille with contrasting colour as well – and this should make your customers feel that you do indeed value them.


Unbelievable as it may sound, the fact is that door mats can also be used as effective signage options and you can use the same to communicate directly with your customers. You can use the various mats dotting your store to carry a promotional message or to communicate a special offer. And since customers would be using the mat, they are bound to check out the message first which is why it makes perfect sense to use this product as a medium. And you may also see mats, featured as one of the top-ranking signage products when it comes to signage companies in Melbourne.

These are some of the innovative signage choices that you would want to go for, as far as your shop is concerned. Do keep in mind that signage would convert along nicely, provided your store features interesting products and services. Furthermore, you may also want to ensure that the signage in question is attractive enough to snag a customer’s interest. But remember that no one likes to see one too many signs, right at the front door so you may want to tone down the same.

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