How To Start With Web Development? A Beginners’ Guide

Considering the importance internet holds in everyone’s lives these days websites play a crucial role. In one can find a website for almost everything. The niches which a website has not already been made for, will come under the umbrella as soon as discovered. But how is the web being populated so quickly? Well, the rising awareness can be a motivator bringing more and more businesses online. Still, is it so accessible? With all the tools and content management systems, building and managing a website has become as easy as it never was.

If you want to build a normal website which performs basic functions there is a variety of ways you can build that in. In this blog post we will discuss about web development and how you can start with it. What’s the need? As discussed in the sections above, internet is getting populated. At the very moment when this sentence is being typed, 1,914,106,554 websites have already been Live and the number keeps going up as each millisecond passes. The reason for this ever increasing number is the benefit which a business can reap by going online. This is what is causing an increase in the demand of web developers around the globe.

Although, finding a web developer can’t really be a huge task, learning it all on own will obviously be better. That is one way of bringing your ideas to life. Who else can know your design as good as you do? Also, if you are running a small business or a startup, owning a skill like web development will always help. This is how you work on cost reduction and optimize the available human resources for the best. How to start with Web Development? Learning a new skill always requires a set of prerequisites which need to be fulfilled. Determination, availability of a teacher, sanity of your mind to be able to learn are a few of those prerequisites.

What matters the most is the specific realization of what you actually have to learn. Starting with web development can be fun and can be traumatic. All of it depends on how you begin and how much you already know. Learners who have a history with any programming language, be it C, C++ or HTML will find it easier than those who don’t. Does it mean it’s going to be really difficult? No. Starting with web development is not the toughest part, advancing over the levels might make you feel that though. And for the sake of starting here are a few tips on How to Start with Web Development.

1. Start with Raw HTML The most basic type of a webpage that you can ever find would be the one made using Raw HTML. Pages made of Raw HTML are totally simple. With the least number of elements on page. Not many features and functions. A background colour, some text and an image. That is where you start learning web development from. The pages developed with Raw HTML contain no Sandvox-generated content.

2. Move onto CSS CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets. It describes how HTML elements have to be displayed on the screen. Apart from that it decides the layout of the page as well. You can create a Raw page with no Sandvox-generated content using HTML. To make your pages have an appeal, to make your pages look more aesthetic, you will need CSS. This is what makes CSS the second step when you are learning web development.

3. Learn Server side programming If you have friends who are into programming or web development specifically, you might have heard them talk about languages like Python and PHP. HTML and CSS is the key to designing any webpage. If you are looking forward to designing and developing an aesthetic and functional website or webpage, HTML and CSS will serve your purpose. However, to make the backend happen swiftly, you would need knowledge of PHP or Python. Server side programming languages simply play as a bridge between the backend and the frontend of the website. Although, both the languages have their importance, their differences make learners and testers generally opt for Python. The reason being that PHP has a classic approach. This makes a code written in PHP appear to be highly documented. Which reduces readability. While, talking of Python, it is cleaner and easier to read.

4. Involve JavaScript JavaScript is a client side scripting language. The best thing about it is that it can be easily used along with HTML. It is universally supported by all the web browsers in general. Also Javascript allows dynamic content. That is how you can add more features and more functions on your webpage using Javascript.

5. Go for the various web frameworks like MVC The next thing you can focus on while learning web development is learn about various web frameworks like MVC. That is a way to be introduced to web application management. There are various frameworks like Ruby-On-Rails and MVC. You can choose the one which suits you the most. Also, if you ever plan on shifting to a different framework which is based on any programming language that you haven’t learnt, you will have to learn the language too.

6. Learn about JQuery Being a developer, by now you would be aware about different libraries for different programming languages. Talking of JQuery, it is a library of JavaScript. What JQuery basically does is simply and standardize interactions between JavaScript code and HTML elements. This just means that JQuery is a bridge which functions to smoothen the pathway of interaction between JavaScript and HTML elements for a page. Final words Websites have been functional in the world for a long time now. The first website ever was launched on August 6, 1991. The world hasn’t clearly looked back since then. In the world that we live in, there is either an app or a website for everything that one can need. Learning a skill like web development will always be useful in a time like now.

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