How do you design websites for clients? Here’s your toolkit

Creatives have a wealth of options for creating, maintaining, and promoting websites. It’s not easy to find the right tools. Sometimes it can take a lot of trial and error before you find the right tools for your company and clients.

Design advanced websites for any client

Whether you are a freelance designer or a full-service agency, all designers want the same thing: to create innovative, creative websites that meet client expectations. You need a platform that is fully customizable to achieve this. Wix allows you to create websites at scale, accelerate web development, and has advanced design features, striking visual elements, and innovative video technology.

For absolute design control, Editor X offers responsive CSS. With flex and grid layouts and custom interactions, you can control every element’s behavior and position in any viewport.

Editor X felt like something we had always wanted when we used it for the first time. It’s amazing,” Andrea Beaulieu (Creative Director, Founding Partner at Studio Linear) says.

Encourage the client and team collaboration

Companies learned something from the pandemic: the importance of collaboration and communication. Although remote working was a problem for many, marketers, designers, and developers can work together more effectively than ever.

Editor X’s Collaboration Suite allows teams to work simultaneously on the same site using handy tools like Concurrent Editing. Communication tools such as Live Commenting and Get Feedback to make it easier to receive feedback from clients or colleagues.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 100 sites; managing tasks is easier. You can assign roles and permissions, track tasks, reminds, and keep up-to-date information within one platform.

Power great user experiences

Web design is not complete without addressing performance. Users can now click the “Bounce” button if a website fails to load in two to four seconds. Fortunately, performance has been a key focus in the industry. Google’s CWV technology report gives valuable insight into how different platforms compare.

Wix plays a part in helping publishers reach high CWV scores. Wix automates site updates, reformats images and converts them to WebP for faster downloads. Wix also creates its own tools, so it isn’t dependent on third-party developers for plugs that can negatively impact performance.

Wix users can access the Site Speed dashboard on Wix to see how their site ranks. It works with Google tools, PageSpeed Insights, and Google Search Console to simplify site performance assessment based on real user measurements.

Protect your clients’ sites and visitor information

Many businesses are concerned about site security, which is understandable considering the dangers of malware, hacking and other malicious software. Trusting a platform completely allows you to concentrate on what you do best: Building websites that are powerful.

Wix SSL certification is included on every site. This certifies that encryption can be enabled and ensures the proper authentication and verification. Customers can shop with confidence because transactions are supported by TLS 1.2 or higher protocols and encrypted with HTTPS traffic. Sites are hosted on a global CDN to protect against DDoS attacks.

Create a digital ecosystem on one platform

Your tools should be able to do the job when you build your next website. Platforms that offer business, client, and creation management solutions will allow you to work more efficiently and increase productivity.

Wix is a digital ecosystem that combines advanced creation capabilities with secure hosting and reliable performance. You can join the Wix Partners Program to get exclusive benefits for agencies. These include revenue share on sites you create, dedicated support by a Partner Success manager, customized solutions based on clients’ needs, product training for your staff, and much more.

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