Graphic Designer Salary – How Much Does A Graphic Designer Earn

With the boom of various forms of new media, the role of a graphic designer in almost any industry has become a crucial one. A lot of companies depend on these individuals in order for them to establish an identity that is important for the promotion of their own brand – with a sense of style and character that brings about how they are going to be seen by the rest of the world. The end results of their concepts can be seen all throughout the globe and can have a huge impact on the marketing and advertising of different products. You’ve seen their ideas spring to life in newspapers, magazines, business posters, television and the World Wide Web among others. Aside from communicating visually, the ability to bring new ideas to the table is one of the factors that can make a graphic designer’s campaign a success.

These individuals are tasked to bring to life a message that a particular organization wants to deliver. The delivery is done primarily through the use of technology, skill and creativity. Being such an interesting and challenging field, it doesn’t come as a wonder how a lot of people nowadays aspire to be a graphic designer.  The need for such individuals is growing, especially now that the Internet is contributing a lot for this field to thrive even more. In connection with this, you might have asked, what could be the typical graphic designer salary? Graphic design nowadays may go beyond the concept of simply creating designs through images. In order to stand out in this competitive field, many designers also add web and game designing to their sets of skills. Hence, the graphic designer can be seen to be a versatile individual who has a lot of ideas and services to offer. In addition, the job market for graphic designers is seen to have a positive outlook. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States expects that the increase is expected to be at least 13% between the years 2010 and 2020. The recorded graphic designer salary in the US for 2010 was $20.92 per hour, with a median wage of $43,500 for the entire year.

The lowest ten percent of the group earned approximately $26,200 and the highest 10 percent earned about $76,910. According to records, about 29 percent were self-employed among graphic designers. These self-employed individuals may work on separate projects simultaneously, and regular meetings with clients are also part of their responsibilities. [1] The rookies of the field are, of course, expected to have a lower salary compared to the more experienced ones. However, in the long run, as they become more acquainted with the business and attract more clients, they can expect to have more competitive salaries. It might come as difficult to some in the beginning, but determination and their love for the craft will certainly help them in the progress of their careers. You can most definitely expect the financial aspect of your career to increase if you prove to come up with good quality designs. Starters can begin working freelance. In this manner, they can come up with numerous designs which will help them in building up their portfolio. It is quite common for graphic designers to set-up their own small businesses or do freelance work.

For instance, a lot of graphic designers turn to the Internet for job opportunities. Many job boards online usually include openings for graphic designers. However, successfully landing a job may be difficult for beginners due to competition. Hence, it is important for designers to be able to impress potential clients through showing off their skill and talent through online portfolios. Clients from all across the globe can be best reached through this means. To create a memorable online portfolio, designers should have well-presented works. This part of the job will require them to utilize their web designing prowess as well. Hence, one can say that graphic designers should also be versatile individuals. However, they should take note that the focus should lie on their graphic design abilities. The ability to manifest messages creatively is vital for promotion of the ideas upheld by organizations and businesses. This will include putting images together in a well-thought of and effective manner. Hence, a graphic designer is expected to specialize in letting these messages be actualized through visual communication. Certainly, being a graphic designer can be a tough yet very rewarding job at the same time.

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