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Corporate Connections – 5 Great Corporate Gift Ideas for the Savvy Networker

Corporate gifts are more than just a duty to be carried out when birthdays, holidays and anniversaries roll around. They are a powerful opportunity for you to make a lasting positive impression on your clients, mentors, colleagues and business associates. A tailored and thoughtful gift instantly conveys to the recipient that you notice what’s important to them and that you care. It offers proof of how much you value the relationship.

Perfect your corporate gift giving skills and you will have created an excellent strategy for strengthening your important relationships, thus leading to a remarkable return on investment for your business. With this in mind, read on to discover five corporate gift ideas that are sure to impress:

1. A Piece of Your Business

Not literally, of course. What we’re talking about here are branded promotional products. Don’t make the mistake of thinking branded products are tacky just because you’ve been given one too many garish plastic keychains or cheap pens featuring business logos. If you choose quality products that are practical, aesthetically pleasing and tailored to your recipient, then they will always associate their love of the item with you and your business. A high-quality travel thermos for a coffee-loving client, for example, will be a long-term win for both of you.

2. Go Sustainable

Nowadays, if your company doesn’t have a sustainability strategy, you’re at risk of being seen as outdated. More and more businesses are coming on board with the new trends towards environmental sustainability, making gifts that fall into this category a wonderful boost to your reputation. From pineapple leather laptop sleeves to sustainable office coffee supplies, there’s a wealth of options available. So, get researching and find some sustainable options that match your gift recipient’s style.

3. A Personal Touch

The key to giving memorable gifts is good listening and observational skills. Pay attention to everything your important clients and business contacts say and take note of their office environment. Does your mentor have a penchant for quality stationery? A fine quality vintage pen would surely impress. Does one of your clients keep killing her office plants? Set her up with some smart technology for keeping plants alive. Gifts like these have a definite “wow factor” as they show instantly how much attention you pay to the person.

4. The Best Business Books

Most of us have at least one book related to our industry, or to business in general, that was a game-changer. If you find yourself commonly recommending books to colleagues, clients or fellow entrepreneurs, why not go a step further and actually present your recommendations to them as gifts? Anything useful they get out of the book will reflect positively on you, meaning every party is benefiting from the gift.

5. Taste Sensations

Our senses of taste and smell are closely linked to both emotion and memory. So, give someone a luxurious experience within these realms and you’ll create a lasting positive impression. Once again, personalization is the key here as there are a lot of options. If you know your client is a tea lover, you could send a beautifully designed tea chest full of top quality new blends for him to try.

While figuring out what to give as a corporate gift may seem daunting, if you follow the above ideas, you’ll be on a path to impress. Whether you go for super-useful branded products, sustainable goods, books that have had an impact on you or an irresistible taste sensation, be sure to personalize your gift so that the recipient knows how much you care and how much attention you pay to detail.

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