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5 Websites which you wouldnot believe were made using just HTML and CSS

The world wide web is filled with a huge lot of websites. Every second there are around 8-9 websites being launched out on the web. That adds up to around 692,100 websites in a day. Considering the total number of websites which a normal human views in a day, 0.69 Million seems a lot. The question here is, are all these websites great?

Do all these websites make it to fame? Not really. An average person on web can read around 15 articles in a day. The amazing fact is that only 0.71 percent of all these articles are shared by an average internet user. That being the reason, most of the websites usually end in sands even before they are out of the Google’s sandbox. There are one but many reasons for a website to fail for business.

Design, usability, content and usefulness are a few important factors which come into consideration when a website’s success is concerned. You can find websites that look great, are fast to load, act up quick but still don’t make money. On the other hand, there are websites which have some of the simplest layouts and designs. And even with the lowest number of elements on page, these websites are making money. That’s because your business will work when you will cater to your users’ needs. Aesthetics and additional features matter.

You can’t neglect to be useful at the same time. While websites like Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter use advanced algorithms for additional functionalities, there are websites which are simpler and still unique. Let us have a look at 5 Websites which you wouldn’t believe were made using just HTML and CSS. 5 Websites which you wouldn’t believe were made using just HTML and CSS To any project whatsoever, there can be two types of approaches. Either you pick the newest technologies to work your plan out or you go the classic way, using ideas and algorithms which have been here for years. Implementing any of these can get you results. Talking of simplicity in web design, classics always win hearts. For the love of the classics, here are the 5 websites using HTML and CSS.

1. In the days when you don’t even need to write a code for building a website, Parle Agro Private Limited chose to keep up with the simplest of all programming languages. True that there could have been more JavaScript and more functionality or aesthetics could’ve been added. Keeping the website quick and appealing, PAPL stuck to using HTML and CSS. The best thing that I liked about the website is the Fizz bubble effect which starts to bubble up wherever you place the cursor

2. Talking of websites using CSS and HTML alone, CSS Zen Garden is a perfect example. Leaving the fact that this website itself is made entirely from HTML and CSS, it also features other web pages which are entirely made of HTML and CSS. Inception? Is it that? Well, whatever one calls it, point is that this website deserves to be in the list of Top 5 Websites which are hard to believe to be made of HTML and CSS.

3. Another great example of a website made from HTML and CSS is Made By Few. Shortened as MxF is a an initiative which was taken 6 years ago by a team of business enthusiasts. The whole idea was to inspire designers, entrepreneurs, developers and other creative people and artists. After all this time in which the internet has grown and changed in numerous ways, MxF continues to carry the torch for the same. Talking of the design elements and layout, the development team has kept it simple, yet elegant. The website clearly gives an impression of some great aesthetics. Considering the usability, the website is pretty easily accessible.

4. As the name suggests the website is about History. What part of the history though? Well, out of this list of 5 websites made on HTML and CSS, this one is my favourite. The concept of the website is amazing. The front page contains several dots. Hovering over any of these dots presents some sort of historic information. This information is brewed from Wikipedia, so it’s as accurate as it can be. Apart from that, text in the left sidebar says Four Hundred Years. Also the front page says “Welcome to Histograph, where every dot is a Historic Event From Wikipedia”. It shows history from the year 1600 AD to 2000 AD. And all of this done just with the use of HTML and CSS. Isn’t that amazing?

5. The Rational Keyboard: For those looking for a passtime, The Rational Keyboard is an interesting small game. All you need to do is, visit the website. On the front page, you will see Piano buttons. There will be some sort of background music on the same page. Clicking on any of the buttons will create a sound which would be same as the actual sound that would be created by the same button on a normal musical keyboard. The design is simple. The website loads fast. And then it is some sort of entertainment.

Final words HTML and CSS are two of the most underrated programming languages. One can make different types of websites using these two. Putting the ideas in place and implementing the codes is what is needed for that. Talking of some great examples of websites made using HTML and CSS, you just saw 5 such examples.

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